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Young Adults

Young Adults


Launching from home after high-school graduation can be an exciting and stressful life transition. Increased responsibilities and demands from adjusting to work, college, graduate school, and new relationships are all part of the territory. The new task of “adulting” can leave us feeling overwhelmed and can oftentimes trigger unresolved wounds from earlier in our lives. 


I work with young adults to build the self-esteem and confidence necessary to succeed in this new role. I use a relational approach to help young people to feel comfortable to share their concerns and to build important life skills. I am trained in EMDR to assist those who have experienced trauma.  

Challenges I Can Help With

  • Anxiety: fears, phobias, worries, performance anxiety

  • Depression: isolated, withdrawn, unmotivated, sad, exhaustion, inability to fully function 

  • Perfectionism: pressure to live up to high expectations, exaggerated fear of failure

  • Work avoidanceinability to get started or to complete a project

  • Decision-making: career, college choices, residency, where to live

  • Relationships: with parents, peers, significant others, and co-workers

  • Independence: establishing an identity separate from your parents

  • Loss: from death, illness or other life changes such as break-ups

  • Trauma

  • Life transitions 

  • Lack of Self-esteem

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